We were born on a battlefield... An unseen battle is around me and you...

Sometimes I perceive clearly the confrontation between good and evil. There is a real fight in conquering my heart. For me, the heart of the Universe is beating constantly. This makes me be sure that I am saved. I know I am loved, exceedingly loved. And you are loved too.

The Great Controversy is outlined on the pages of the Scriptures, but sometimes it seems difficult to understand the fragmented glimpses and to find its harmony throughout the whole Bible.

The “Great Controversy in Graphics” is an attempt to give you a timeline overview, and a fascinating and pleasant tool to understand God’s character and love perfectly grafted on human experience. Enjoy!


The Great Controvery in Graphics is provided for free. You are welcome to copy, distribute, or even print and sell them.


If you have any question or feedback, or would like to volunteer in translating the materials, please fill up the form below and I will be in touch with you shortly.